Restful: A Better REST API Using Node.js With Express

I’m going to introduce to you how to quickly make a REST API using a library I just built call Restful. Restful, inspired by Tastypie for Django, generates API endpoints to perform CRUD operations on Mongoose models. Restful integrates in Express applications. Right now, the only return type is JSON but I plan on adding support for HTML responses and possibly others.

I’m going to walk you through how to make a REST API for two models, Users and Notes.

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Get Started With requireJS and Backbone

This is something I struggled with for a while – hopefully you don’t. If you want to learn how to use requireJS and backbone to unuglify your client side code, keep reading. There’s plently of documentation on both requireJS and backbone but its easier to learn by example. If you need to be convinced why to use requireJS, you can refer to their faq. Short story is that its amazing for organization, code health, and although I haven’t launched anything with it (yet), I’m sure the speed gains are tremendous if used correctly. And why use Backbone? Well, if you’re not already using a client side javascript framework, you’re probably doing it wrong. If you’re using another, then you can still follow along, this deals much more with requireJS.

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Default Behavior

Everyone should publish something they wrote on their own – their own conception, implementation, and product. It is a completely unique, surreal feeling sending your own brainchild out into the world, seeing people use it and finally tear it to shreds. I recently began an internship (and soon will finish), tirelessly writing code that I’ll never see again, as a developer or user. I am writing an internal tool, possibly the worst combination of words an undermotivated 19 year old intern could hear.

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